Mitch and Debra Harris

Centennial Membership Director, Chairpersons

248-334-5043 church office

Centennial ​Membership Directory Photos

In honor and celebration of Trinity’s 100th Anniversary we will have a Centennial Directory! Individual and/or family members will have the opportunity to have their photo and designated contact information in the Directory.

Each family will receive a free directory and 8X10 portrait as well as access to electronic capability if all of our members and families schedule and appear for photo sessions with Lifetouch Photography. The Friends & Family Program will allow for non Trinity members to be photographed and receive an 8X10 portrait free of charge!

The first set of photo sessions will take place on December 14th and 15th, 2017 in Pastor’s Memorial Hall.

Onsite scheduling for photo sessions shall continue through January 2018.  Members can register in the vestibule on Sundays after 8AM and 11 AM Services or click to register online.  Please note, online registration will not be available on Sundays between 8 AM and 4:00 PM!  Get ready to smile for the camera!

If you have family members unable to schedule a photo session, they may make an appointment with a LifeTouch Studio and send their photos to

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